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Sinful Elegance Slimming Corset Set

Sinful Elegance Slimming Corset Set

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 size chart 

size     Waist bust



S 60.96cm-66.04cm 81.28cm-86.36cm
M   66.04cm-71.12cm 86.36cm-91.44cm
L     71.12cm-76.2cm 91.44cm-96.52cm
XL  76.2cm-81.28cm 96.52cm-101.6cm
2XL   81.28cm-86.36cm 101.6cm-106.68cm
3XL 86.36cm-91.44cm 106.68cm-111.76cm
4XL 91.44cm-96.52cm 111.76cm-116.84cm
5XL 96.52cm-101.6cm 116.84cm-121.92cm
6XL   101.6cm-106.68cm 121.92cm-127cm
Note: Do not select the same size as your normal clothing;
1-2cm error is acceptable;
Item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different on your computer monitor since monitors are not calibrated same   

1136-BLK GRN-F1136-BLK GRN-S1136-BLK GRN-B1136-LRED-F1136-LRED-1136-LRED-B5500-BLK BLU-F5500-BLK BLU-S5500-BLK BLU-B5500-WHT YEL-F5500-WHT YEL-S5500-WHT YEL-B5501-ORG-F5501-ORG-S5501-ORG-B5501-WIN RED-F5501-WIN RED-S5501-WIN RED-B5502-BGE-F5502-BGE-S5502-BGE-B5502-BLK-F5502-BLK-S5502-BLK-F5502-PNK RED-F5502-PNK RED-B5502-PNK RED-S5502-PUR-S5502-PUR-F5502-PUR-B5503-BLK PUR-F5503-BLK PUR-S5503-BLK PUR-B5503-BLU BLK-F5503-BLU BLK-S5503-BLU BLK-5504-BLK-Fjpg (1)5504-BLK-S (2)5504-BLK-B (2)8216-BLK-F8216-BLK-B





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